Porterville California Pro Prop 8 Resolution

WHEREAS, in 2000 over 61 percent of Californians voted in favor of Proposition 22 to reaffirm that only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California; and

WHEREAS, because Proposition 22 language was not placed into the state Constitution when it was approved, four activist judges from San Francisco wrongly overturned the people’s vote; and

WHEREAS, in November 2008, Proposition 8 will provide California voters the opportunity to reverse the court’s decision and restore the will of the people by defining marriage as between a man and a woman in the state Constitution; and

WHEREAS, in health education classes, state law requires teachers to instruct children as young as kindergartens about marriage, and Proposition 8 protects our children from being taught in public schools that same-sex marriage is the same as traditional marriage; and

WHEREAS, Proposition 8 protects marriage as an essential institution of society and safeguards the important role of a traditional family. While death, divorce and other circumstances may prevent the ideal, the best situation for a child is to be raised by a married mother and father; and

WHEREAS, Proposition 8 contains the same 14 words that were previously approved by the voters of California: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California,” and by placing these words into the state Constitution, activist judges cannot strike them down as unconstitutional.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Porterville hereby pledges support for Proposition 8 and urges Porterville voters to protect the sanctity of traditional marriage by voting yes on Proposition 8.

Source: http://www.recorderonline.com/porterville-council-puts-weight-behind-prop/article_847e84d6-2ecc-5ab2-82d9-bd995fa2d93e.html