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Porterville, California is a rapidly growing City with a troubled economic past and present. Our future does not need to be that way. Reaching out to the LGBT community and other new leadership locally and elsewhere will create a bright future.

Below is a list of documents we have prepared to assist you in learning about the prejudices towards the LGBT community and the near-dire endemic economic situation facing City Hall. PEFA believes there is a connection: when positive steps as recommended by the LGBT community, taken to improve the overall economy, the prejudice will eventually dissipate.

We believe there is a high correlation between cities that thrive economically and welcome diversity in all areas. Conversely, it is proven time and time again, as demonstrated in Porterville, that communities unwelcoming of diversity and closed to new ideas will continue to struggle economically and socially.

Our goal is simple: A Porterville that thrives, along with all of its people.

A new day is dawning in Porterville and we need your help.

With that introduction, let us introduce you to Porterville, California:

Porterville’s LGBT Community
Porterville Council Homophobic History and PEFA Efforts
Porterville Overview
Porterville’s Future: A Positive View from PEFA