September 2008: Pro-Prop 8 Resolution

AWARD: Pro-Prop 8 Resolution Unique in California!

Prize Awarded to Porterville’s City Council Wall of Shame Towards the LGBT Community

Porterville Hall of Shame Black Ribbon Awarded to City Council for Actions Towards the LGBT Community: Pro Prop 8 Resolution

Notable: Brian Ward’s Resolution was the only one in California that put a City on record as supporting the removal of rights from every single one of its citizens in order to harm a disfavored group. Locals responded enthusiastically, voting nearly 75% as Council asked them to.

Surprising Fact #1: PEFA’s efforts began in response to this vote and continue to this day.

Surprising Fact #2: The language and rhetoric of the Resolution was argued at the Federal trial regarding the constitutionality of Prop 8. The trial judge found no credible evidence to support any of it, and the Supreme Court of the United States  let that ruling stand!

Author: Brian Ward
Mayor: Cameron Hamilton

Vote: 5-0 Ward, Hamilton, Pete McCracken, Pedro Martinez, Felipe Martinez (no relation)

Text of Resolution

Learn About the Most Shameful Anti-LGBT Events in Porterville City Council History

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