October 2013: Rejection of National Coming Out Day Proclamation

AWARD: Council Has Learned Very Little So Far

Prize Awarded to Porterville’s City Council Wall of Shame Towards the LGBT Community

Prize Awarded to Porterville’s City Council Wall of Shame Towards the LGBT Community

All along, the Bloc of 3 (Brian Ward, Cameron Hamilton, and Greg Shelton) insisted that the rescission of the Pride Proclamation had nothing to do with anti-LGBT feelings, and everything to do with Gurrola’s failure to follow the (non-existent) rules for placing a Proclamation on the Agenda.During the Rescind, Replace, and Remove fiascos of the summer of 2013 (each was a Hall of Shame entry in itself), Council was also busy trying to revamp the way that Proclamations were issued, even though the process had worked fine since 1926, and even though over 30 Resolutions were issued between August 2012 and August 2013 without controversy regarding the process.

Newly installed Mayor Hamilton was greeted at his first meeting with a new LGBT-oriented proclamation, placed there in full accordance with the new rules.

Several other Proclamations had already been processed and passed without controversy at earlier meetings under the new rules. At this meeting, there were three other Proclamation requests in addition to the National Coming Out Day request.

The three other Resolutions passed. The LGBT one was rejected, not on rules grounds this time, but instead because it “did not apply to everyone”. Talk about moving goalposts!

What were the three that applied to everyone at that meeting? “Teen Read Week”, “Porterville Relay for Life” (a cancer charity fundraiser), and “Friends of Libraries Week”.

The irony was again lost on Council.

Proclamation Originator: Melissa McMurrey, GayPorterville.org and PEFA member
Mayor: Cameron Hamilton
Vote: 3-1 to reject. In Favor: Brian Ward, Cameron Hamilton, Greg Shelton. Against: Pete McCracken. Absent: Virginia Gurrola.

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