July 2009: Anti-Same Sex Marriage Resolution

AWARD: First Time The Council Chamber  Was Filled With Praying And Preaching!

Porterville Wall of Shame Black Winner: Anti-Same Sex Marriage Resolution

Porterville Hall of Shame Black Ribbon Awarded to Porterville’s City Council for Actions Towards the LGBT Community: Anti-Same Sex Marriage Resolution

Notable: Mayor Cameron Hamilton’s Resolution was mean-spirited.  With Prop 8 passed, Hamilton wanted to pile on and make sure same sex couples legally married outside of California would not feel welcome in our state without being willing to leave their rights behind.

Before the vote, a dramatic public hearing was held, lasting well over an hour. Most of the speakers spent their allotted 3 minutes praying, preaching, and beseeching the Council to vote to support extend the unconstitutional law.

Surprising Fact:
 PEFA’s yearlong efforts at education paid off, the measure was DEFEATED 3-2

Author: Cameron Hamilton
Mayor: Cameron Hamilton

Vote: 3-2 against. In Favor: Hamilton, Ward; Against: McCracken, F. Martinez, P. Martinez

Text of Resolution

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